Sunday, June 29, 2008

Concept for Nokia Phones

Nokia is such an interesting phone company. Innovative and not quite a gimmick. Here's a few concepts that the company is hoping to achieve.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diablo 3 Confirmed

It looks like Blizzard could no longer keep it a secret after the recent discovery by those search engine dwellers. Blizzard came out of their little dwelling and came out with BIG news aside from Starcraft 2. DIABLO 3!
Get a load off this screenshot!

According to Blizzard, the story takes place 20 years after the events of Diablo 2. 5 classes. Including the Witch Doctor and Barbarian, maybe more will be added. This will be awesome.
I for one can't wait for SC II, but Diablo 3 - awesomeness!

Click here for the Trailer

Friday, June 27, 2008

Electric Motorcycle

So here we are on the thirst for gasoline. Fear not!
Behold the Electric Motorcycle that could be built and made for under $2000!

Diablo 3 in Speculation

We all know Diablo right? The butcher, minions of hell, choose 5 classes + 2 if you've got the right expansions. All fun and games, one of the best and most played RPG game in the 90s and is still being played online today.
The news of Starcraft II surely has snowblinded Blizzard fans, but little do they know that a there might be a good chance of another thing to dazzle and have them screaming in excitement. Diablo III.
Now, it really is quite questionable. All it took were a bunch of people with a search engine to spot a hidden treasure at the Blizzard site. A Forum for Diablo 3 - which the Blizzard site pretty much made. So why make this forum? We do not know but you might want to check out this link.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Kingdom Hearts the TCG

Kingdom Hearts, a Playstation game that really made a spark to many all around the globe ever since Final Fantasy 7. Well, it wasn't that much different as it was made by Square-Enix as well as Disney and the fact that Cloud - the main character in FF7 is in there too and might have some contributing factors to the wave of fanboy/girl hysteria on this somewhat recent game. This time, from the game comes another. A trading card game.

The official website of Kingdom Hearts the TCG provides us with a storyline behind the game. It reads:

"Ominous beings called the Heartless from an unknown dimension threaten the very existence of the known worlds. You will take the role of Sora in order to fend off these Dark forces. However, you will not have to struggle alone– your favorite Disney characters, including Donald, Goofy, and Ariel, will help you in this ultimate challenge.

The Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game is a two-player card battle game set in the world of Kingdom Hearts. Players travel through strange and wondrous worlds clashing with the Dark forces in order to win, all the while trying to stop their opponents from doing the same.

The key to victory lies in the friendships you make, as those friends will help you throughout the game."

The Kingdom hearts TCG has been out for quite some time now. It was released on late November in the US of the year 2007. In Japan however
was released shortly after the game release of KH: Chain of Memories for the GBA which dated back to around 2004?
Talk about delay.
Well, this is another great collection for KH fans to have as well as their favourite Disney and Square-Enix characters right in their pockets.

An online version of KH has been rumoured to be near its completion. No need for cards or whatsoever so everyone with a computer can pretty much test this game out online with other players.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 10: Superpowers

I'm gonna go out from my usual 'opinionated news articles' (if remotely stated otherwise...) and go out on a limb by taking a break from hassles and fazzles on finding cool interesting rumors. Instead, I'm going to create a list. Yes, tacky and tired, but the internet demands that blogs must have a list of some sort. So... If you were to have a choice between receiving fifty million dollars and a superpower, what would you choose? I would definitely choose natural abilities over money. Sure you can buy stuff with money - invest making a suit of Iron that shoots laser beams, but that doesn't really make you cool if you get assassinated, robbed or stripped of your possessions by your government for making a possible WMD. So, definitely a superpower for me - though most it's best to keep it on the down low. So here's my first list ever.

#10: Flight
Flight earns the top 10 spot because of its practicality. I hav
e believed for quite some time now that Flight is a very lame superpower and people would want something other than flight. But it turns out that all the polls I've created across the webs of the internet have brought back the same result over and over and over again... People aren't creative enough to think of a power that would give them a kick-axe abilities as well as flight. But I won't bash on those people any longer. Who wouldn't want to fly once in a while? Complete liberation. Nothing but migrating geese and airlines. Nothing can stop you really, and the best thing - you can visit places you've never been to! You can go do stuff you never would have been able to do with your normal 'human powers' such as watching TLKoB (those who know the acronym, congrats, you're not confused). Unfortunately, the reason why I didn't initially like Flight is that [a] You can't dominate the world with it and [b] Aerial pollution isn't exactly a good thing to breathe. Though you could pick someone up and bring them on high and drop them.. That would be a fun way to psyche your friends out.

#9: Invisibility
Invisibility is quite a fun power to have. Sure Invisibility may seem quite lame... But being invisible really grants one unprecedented freedom to do whatever he or she wants. Of course provided that it's not snowing, raining, or if the indoor floors aren't wet (or soaked in blood), then you'd be perfectly fine. Okay, so it's kinda like the power with the most weaknesses, that is unless you play it smart when using it. Learn a martial art and you will be almost invincible towards enemies. Think about it, just to mess with your opponents head, turn invisible right in the middle of throwing a punch, kick or headbutt.
A Famous character with invisibility is Susan Storm. A.k.a: Invisible Woman. Marvels justification for her Invisibility prowess is that she co
ntrols the light waves around her. So, technically, she's a light bender? The power of Invisibility usually comes as a side power to one of the most powerful heroes known to the comic universes. (Black Widow anyone?)

#8: Phasing
Phasing has always been a very cool power for me. The ability to become intangible, go through walls and any solid object! You can get away with anything pretty much. No bullet can harm you, no fist, no sword, no train. There is a flaw however. You can get hurt by things like heat (the impact from explosions), nitrogen bombs, radiation from a Nuke. So it's pretty easy to apprehend one who has phasing powers provided that the Swat team comes along with those things. On the even more plus side, you could phase your hand through someones body and rip their heart out, or phase your hand into a computer and short circuit it. Pretty cool ability.

#7: Shapeshifting
The ability to transform into anything you want save for non-living objects. Shapeshifting earns number 7 because there's not much of the 'awesome' factor in it. UNLESS, they morph into animals mid-way and firing away. You know, kinda like furries, except cooler, not so fluffy and much more dangerous. Of course there's the ability to turn into other people, that's alright too. Gain authoritative access and the like. Not useful if you don't know passwords though to get places. But animal shapeshifting is awesome. Famous shapeshifting figures are Mystique, Beastboy and Morph. As a bonus with Animal shapeshifting, you also have the ability to use number ten on the list - Flight.

#5: Technopathy
The ability to communicate to technology and order them to do whatever you want. Yes, probably the best thing and most co
nvenient power to have in the digital era. I mean, who wouldn't want to tell the stoplight to turn green through your cellphone? Who wouldn't want to access on-demand videos for free? Who wouldn't be tempted to tell an Automatic Teller Machine to cough out five hundred dollars? Yeah, technopathy is probably one of the cooler powers because you can do anything, everything and the best part - in secret... of course unless you're not so smart and tell the computer your address and identification instead of just simply telling it to do so. Cool character that can do this is Micah from the kickass TV series "Heroes". Mika has the technopathy and lived in

#4: Teleportation

Who wouldn't want to teleport? Be it short distanced teleportation like Nightcrawler who can teleport to places he can see (or imagine?) or long distances like Blink who could teleport people to distances as far as the moon. Teleportation is kick axe! I can't really place into words how fun it would be to teleport or how kick ass to use it in battle or how much you could slack off or save money, or get away with things. Just outstanding.

#3: Telekenesis
Telekenesis gets on number three mainly because of personal reasons. For example. My Magnitude 9 room of mess. I'd simply sit down on my futon and lift the entire mess, separate yes from no, fold like ten shirts on the floor simultaneously, stack a dollar in pennies, awesome stuff. You can create a shield, lift objects with your mind which always is fun. Oh, same goes for stopping bullets, nitrogen bombs and people. Jean Grey for example. Disintegrating people in X-Men: The Last Stand. I dreamt of becoming so frustrated of this stoplight that I decided to try and change the signals using my telekentic abilities to mess with the circuitry and ended up breaking the stoplight and it falling on a crowd... So sad...

#2: Atomokinesis
Atomokinesis is the control of weather. Once you own this power, you own the world all around you. Blizzards, Hurricanes, Hailstorms, Thunder and Lightning. No WMD can stop you because you will blow it sky high before it can reach yo
u. No missle, no bullet, nothing. What's that? Megatron's coming? Freeze him back into the ice age! Weather manipulation is the ultimate world dominating tool that people will realize. Storm is a popular figure for this. I hear she was able to create fireballs too.

#1: Chronokinesis
Chronokinesis is the ability to stop time, or slow time or go back through time, or go forward. Just like Hiro from the TV show series "Hero
es". He stopped time, tried to kill someone when he finally got the guts to do it. He teleported back in time to try and alter the future. Stopping time also allows you to sleep in and wake up whenever you feel like it. Having time in your hands is ultimately invaluable.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collision of Worlds

I love crossovers. I've been turned into a comic geek by my stepbrother blue_phoenix and I must say, I am forever greatful. Without the introduction to the marvelous comic world, the evolutions of heroes, their personality. Watching them grow with great affection and nostalgia as they go through tragedies, surprises and victory. Yes, that's the great thing about comics; especially Marvel and DC. You can literally see everyone change. Cyclops gained the ability to control his optic beams with the help of Emma Frost, Bobby Drake (Iceman) becoming more and more powerful and was controlled by Emma Frost once and was classified as one of the top ten mutants that could destroy planet Earth. In DC, Flash Patroling the city that is being fueled by Green Lantern... all that Jazz. Yeah, it's friggin awesome. But here's an interesting thing I just found some time while exploring the netherrealms of the internet. A shocking and most curious crossover between worlds. Usually it's between Marvel Comics and DC. In their crossover comic "Marvel vs. DC", the heroes from the two universe battle it out to see whose universe gets destroyed or not... Apparently, the DC Universe got destroyed between a tie breaker between Wolverine and Lobo... Here's a copy and Paste job from Wikipedia.

So there ya have it. Don't worry, the wins and loses were determined by popular vote from fans. So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, that's right. A surprising crossover between two different universes that - I think - never has happened before! Wait for it-- Mortal Kombat vs. DC
Here's a thought provoking trailer for the upcoming game:

Yeah... It's awesome. Though I do kinda worry about my favourite characters from DC. I can't picture Sub Zero (who is also my favourite) ripping off the spine of Batman...
Well, for one thing, Wonder Woman would fit in to the MK universe perfectly well. She's a goddess, there are dozens of demi gods in MK and everyone's as strong as her... I wonder what Fatality she has...